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Calgary’s 4th annual neighbour day is coming up on Saturday, June 17! On this day, Calgarians are encouraged to come together with their neighbours and celebrate with block parties and barbeques. This event provides community members with the perfect opportunity to meet the people they’re living around, at no cost. Any permits or rental fees for park spaces are waived on this day.


Planning a celebration with multiple people can be a difficult task, especially if it’s with neighbours that you may not know very well. In order to make your event successful, make sure that your Neighbour Day event has the consent of the majority of your neighbours, and that everyone is a part of the planning process. There are many important factors you and your

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Pet owners in Calgary need not worry: the city is home to many pet-friendly park areas that allow dogs to roam off-leash, and many regular park areas and pathways allow dogs to walk on a leash. Currently, the city has 150 off-leash areas available for dogs and their owners, and a comprehensive map of these areas throughout the city can be found here. However, it is important to keep in mind that although these areas are off-leash, they are not reserved only for dogs, but are available for all members of the public to use for different recreational purposes.

Parks like the Nose Hill Natural Area (5620 14 Street N.W., Calgary, AB) have off-leash areas for dogs in most sections of the park, unless indicated otherwise by a sign. This park covers 11

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Different schools and organizations offer camp programs over the summer for children that appeal to a wide range of interests and skills. However, each program offers different activities that vary in length and time. There is a lot to consider when trying to find the right program for your child, as well as registration details and deadlines. Below are important areas that should be considered when choosing a camp for your child. Help make your child’s summer vacation one to remember with the perfect summer camp!


Location is always an important consideration for summer camps, as they will require commuting twice a day, usually every day for up to two weeks, in the early morning and later afternoon. Some summer camps are available at

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By Greenwood714 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Trying to understand all there is to know about a transit system can seem daunting, and even if you use it every day, there are still some parts of the system that may be unknown to commuters.

General tips

It’s important to note that while Calgary transit can be used to move about the city, this does not mean that you can always get on one train or one bus to go anywhere. Often, many routes will require transfers between buses or trains, so it’s always a good idea to map out your route, either on the transit website or through an app (more on that below) before you leave.

In a city

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Whether there is snow in the air or sun in the sky, the city of Calgary is home to many different activities for couples and families alike – and all for a reasonable price. From board games to arts and crafts, Calgary has something for everybody!

Board game cafes are becoming popular around the city. So far, there are three separate organizations: Hexagon in the northwest (1140 Kensington Rd NW #200, Calgary, AB), Pips Board Game Café in the southwest (2015 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB), and the Boxcar Board Game Café downtown (100, 1215 1 St SW, Calgary, AB). While each café has different pricing, hourly rates range from $2.50/person at Hexagon, $3/person at Boxcar, or a $5/person flat rate at Pips.  At these cafes, visitors can try playing a wide

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By Connormah (talk | contribs) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

From child-friendly play centres to high end services and premiere clothing retailers, Calgary’s shopping centres offer more than just a shopping experience for everyone. Residents can satisfy all their retail, food, and entertainment needs under one roof at any one of the larger shopping centres around the city:

Chinook Centre

Chinook Centre is widely considered one of Calgary’s premiere shopping destinations, and it shows: this year, Chinook Centre placed seventh in the Retail Council of Canada’s Canadian Shopping Centre Study on mall productivity. The mall, which features a mix of high-fashion boutiques like

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Housing sales in 2017 are off to a better start this year than last year, and are slowly but surely transitioning to a healthier housing market. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB), detached home sales reached 1, 342 units this February, which is better than results from last February. However, this number is still 19 per cent below the sales average. As of Friday, March 3, CREB reports that the total sales is at 101 homes, which an 8.6 per cent increase over last year. Apartment sales are also up 40 per cent compared to last year, while attached home sales rose 4 per cent.

Okotoks and Cochrane have also experienced lower inventory numbers, which has also prevented housing prices to lower any further. In Okotoks, housing prices

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It can be easy to fall in love with a house during the first walk through, but there may be important areas of a potential new home that can be overlooked.

A house inspection is a key process that home buyers should go through once they’ve found a home they’re ready to make an offer on. This process is completed by a private inspection company, and is not affiliated with the City of Calgary. When searching for an inspection company, look for companies that accredited with the Canadian Association for Home and Property Inspectors of Alberta, which abides by the CAHPI® Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. A list of their member inspectors can be found here.

While it is not required, it is a good idea for home buyers to accompany the inspector

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Calgarians can look close to home to find the perfect treat for their special someone. The city of Calgary is home to many local chocolatiers and candy shops that provide sugary confections year-round. Whether it’s to express your feelings for a loved one this Valentine’s Day, or to indulge your sweet tooth throughout the rest of the year, these local vendors are the places to visit:

Olivier’s Candies is one of the oldest chocolatiers in the city – they’ve been around since 1909! Their historic factory in Inglewood (Bay C, 2828 54 Ave. S.E., Calgary, AB) has been serving popular treats like pretzel rods, molded chocolates, lollipops, chocolate bark, and seasonal molds, which are perfect for Valentine’s

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With the new Carbon Tax coming into effect this January 1, 2017, many Calgarians should take advantage of the environmentally-friendly accessories and habits that can help reduce your spending and bills throughout the year. 

Energy – efficient light bulbs
New energy efficient light bulbs are made to last for up to twenty years, which allows you not to have to replace light bulbs as often. These light bulbs use less energy but are just as effective at brightening up your home. They are more expensive than regular light bulbs, but the long life-span of the products make up for the initial steeper price.

Power bars
Instead of plugging your appliances and electronics into wall outlets, plug them into power bars that can be turned off all at once and

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